Are you living with an opiate or painkiller addiction or have a partner or a loved who’s affected? We can help you turn your life around today!

We offer:

- Individualized strategy depending on your specific needs

- Integrated approach towards addiction management involving evaluation, counseling and treatment

- All visits are currently by appointment only

- Knowledgeable and friendly staff answers calls and returns messages quickly

- Fast response to patient needs with convenient location

- 100% Private, Easy, Affordable

- The cost for each visit is $200 per 28 day cycle and is pro-rated if you need or are required to come in sooner than 28 days

 - While our office does not accept insurance you may be able to submit our invoice to your carrier for reimbursement as an out of network provider

If you are addicted to heroin, opiates, painkillers or other medications such as Oxycontin, Percocet etc. - we are here to help you. Our clinic provides private, medically assisted withdrawal and detoxification services. We will make sure you can go on with your daily life by minimizing the time and pain of withdrawal while you move on towards a healthier life.

Through an integrated approach involving outside counseling, support, patient education, and medication we will assist you in effectively leaving addiction painlessly and safely behind, with minimal disruption of your normal life. And we make it easy & affordable too.

Our physicians and staff work together with you to assure you of the best possible outcomes. During your initial consultation our doctors will speak with you and evaluate your past history, as well as other relevant information. With this information our physician will formulate a plan based on your situation. Next, we will work with you to customize a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Treatment options will be provided with their benefits and side effects discussed. This is part of our integrated approach towards a complete and effective solution. If we believe we are not able to help with your situation, we have a list of experienced referral clinics and psychiatrists. Ultimately, you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of one way or another.


How Suboxone Works:



Why Choose Suboxone:

A detox program using Suboxone is especially beneficial for patients with employment responsibilities because it offers them privacy during detox while allowing them to maintain productivity. You do not have to request time off or a leave of absence from work, giving you the opportunity to continue making money while still concentrating on your life and family. In the past, your work may have suffered because your job was the last thing you cared about. In fact, many jobs do not have benefits that include time off for a detox program. Many human resource departments, after you do not show up for a few days, simply consider you dismissed due to absenteeism.

For this reason, many people are choosing to use Suboxone in our casual yet safe environment to treat opioid dependence. Compared to in-house detox centers, Suboxone treatment is relatively inexpensive, and is generally the cheapest way to detox from opiates in the privacy of your own home.

Although hospitals and in-patient detox programs incorporate Suboxone as well, the doctors at Pain Management Associates of Delaware have created a treatment model on an outpatient basis that has proven to be successful. Patients may detox within the privacy of their own home, with family and friends around, without being physically confined to a hospital or a rehabilitation center. Our results using this out-patient method have been extremely successful, and we believe it will work for you. Our casual setting and friendly staff enables us to provide clients with the right amount of personal attention they need. Here you will find compassionate staff members who understand what you are going through.

We have the flexibility to tailor our program to the individual's needs, unlike many other programs where everyone has to follow the same rigid schedule. What works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa; we are aware of this, which is why in so many cases our treatment program utilizing Suboxone has proven successful.

Questions are going to arise if you have never used Suboxone and are not aware of how the treatment works, which is why we also try to educate our patients. Together we can take the next step.